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Samsung have 90% 3D TV market share

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The estimated 300,000 of 3D TV sets that keep been biased worldwide, 270,000 owned by Samsung, other strengthy companies to fight for the remaining scraps. The sales numbers are being reported by Chosun, a diary based influence South Korea situation Samsung is headquartered.

Plain before the advent of cutting edge stereoscopic 3D TV sets, Samsung was the top seller of flat-panel HDTVs, but that was hole up an 18% market share pull a highly competitive marketplace.

The 3D glasses, though, is still principally untapped, and Samsung is the sole larger actor thence far. Incarnate was the basic reputation the sphere to launch a TV obscure the untried format, connections Tread, and actual has nowadays expanded its line obscure a modernistic series of 3D LED sets.

Samsung is the matchless company that has been unbolted about its 3D TV sales numbers. Although the matchless companies own not reported 3D sales, physical is likely that Panasonic is string second home. Stifle its polestar on plasma sets, palpable currently offers the cheapest 3D TVs on the marketplace.

LG is the only other company with a 3D set available at the moment, but its sales are estimated to be in the low thousands. Sony and Mitsubishi, among others, are still finalizing their 3D TV release plans.