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Know about LED HDTV

Friday, May 6, 2011

There are two major types of the LED HDTV, and they can be split into two variant versions by the type of back lighting they use. One is called an edge-lit LED and the other is known as a back-lit LED television. In this story we will look at the back-lit LED HDTV and try to know how it works.

What is a Back-Lit LED HDTV?
All TVs of this type are lit by Led lights, which have been shown to give some advantages over other types of lighting. Back - lit LED televisions have the LED lights settled instantly behind the screen, which is same the the way an LCD TV has it's lighting arranged.

These LED lights are settled into blocks, and are grouped calm so that they can be controlled at the same time. So, each block has the capability to be switched

off and on separately to the more blocks colse to it. The asset of this is that in an image with some dark areas and some light areas, the dark parts can have their blocks switched of fully to enable an totally black signal. This other control isn't potential on an LCD television.

Local-Dimming Technology
The name of this method is local dimming, and this is the term you should be seeing for if you want to buy an LED TV that is built in this way. The most benefit is an LED HDTV with this type of technology may have a best variance ratio than other types of high-def  television. LCDs have all the time traditionally had a qoute with a poor variation ratio compared to that of a plasma TV, and so this technique of backlighting is aimed at  addressing this problem.

The Problems With Local-Dimming
As ever with all of this technology, there is a downside to this idea. The problems occur when one block of lights is covered by a light and a dark part of the picture. This will then have the same problems associated with an LCD TV where the block cannot be switched of fully, and so it is impossible to get the black part totally dark.

There is a way to actuate this topic, and that would be to have one LED light for every pixel on the TV display, but the qoute with this is that it would be far to high-cost to build a TV in this way and so they would be too high-priced for largely citizen to buy. However, with all things taken into account, this method of alignment a back-lit LED HDTV does ordinarily output a TV with a best picture than that of most LCD TVs.

Led Hdtv Summary
So as we can see, there is totally more than one type of LED HDTV that you can buy, and the road that it is built can have a big complete on the capability of the image that you get. So if you are seeing to buy an LED television then it is critical to know the differences in base because they can have a big impact on the execution of the TV.

Back-Lit LED HDTVs also have a integrate of other disadvantages when compared to edge-lit models  or LCD televisions for that matter. You can find out more about these issues by visiting the links in the reserved supply box below.