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LG Infinia 47LW6500 Nice 3D HDTV Set

Friday, October 28, 2011

I bought this game a week ago, and I ran across the ring to test everything. So far, very impressed. The drawbacks are not very many and not too much of a game-changer. One, there are no audio outputs on the TV that is not an optical output. If you have a legacy that has an audio optical input, not the end of the world. For an extra ~ $ 25 or to obtain a stereo adapter, which transmits the optical signal coaxial or RCA composite analog.
$100 for what we do for Dolby Surround (I had to do). It was a bit "out of place, and I was tempted to only one new home theater system, but it was necessary to get to me (and save a few hundred dollars more) than a ton of games and additional video equipment that I use. It's easier to run a single TV's audio output to home theater system and avoided all connected to the TV to change the settings. I think you will find little to say the audio output with most new sets anyway. the digital age takes over, I guess.

The 2D to 3D features of this series are, well, weird. I must commend the programmers who developed this game, as I write pretty sure to try the code to situations that may have some visual hiccups'm coding, and everything is a great feature. Force with well-defined images, or a piano first, a background, a subject in the center, the images of a 3D image 2D works amazingly. Do not bring everything to you, mind, but it will definitely push the backdrop of a beautiful image credible and often surprising.
But there are times when the image on the screen a bit "confused and is an approximation. This is often especially with swimsuits women with words on them. The face seems too far forward, the neck is back chest pushed ... Well, the word I used before. A little hilarious "on the top perhaps, but one wonders if people voluntarily by design? Speculation is probably not true ... soiled, dirty encoders. It's something I noticed, and some are not, but I think it's remarkable. 90% positive on this feature set, I will.

Navigation on the whole is a bit weird, if you want to go through the menus. It was more for the remote control magic (applications, too), I designed the place is like using a Wii remote when you are using. traditionalist like me, have tried the normal remote control that tries a little "weed through the aggregate characteristics have often been used together. They are all for the advancement of technology and all the demand, but TruMotion 240Hz, or what ever they call it, it would be easier to understand for lay people in the long run, if a bubble pop-up explanation of the mouse on an entry to put in the menu. Nor is the list of feature 240Hz led to some confusion, "more like sensitivity parameters frame refresh rate of ranks 1 to 10 do not put people to know what a hertz , I guess. Understanding TruMotion 1 to 10, I guess I had played with the screen.

Turn off 240Hz may be desirable, even if you end the letters "Crawling" is disturbing on the screen. It has a function in it a benefit denied refining in the photo I solved the problem, I think. I once found, but I have not yet found. Another problem with the menu.

If you're a big fan of game, like me, you will want to put all the little features that come with this set. It is about 1 / 5 of a second behind the picture is with gadgets involved. Halo looked quite impressive with 3D enabled TruMotion forced, but the fifth of a second is the difference between a headshot and betrayal (s). It was a game I've played a lot of bad luck that day.

I had the opportunity with the previous model (55LW5500) Clock on the 3D features of the old with the passive properties of this test (55LW6500). There was talk that the resolution something like 3D 3D outward is essentially to take a picture with 1080 pixels to 540 for each eye. I read about the improvements to this feature, and I think (against went a few days), the 3D image is improved.

I do not like them for what I can tell, the polarizing film on the screen, I thought in stone, and perhaps some of my own mental health system is best for you to check rampant improved, but I think it was improved. It is difficult without an active system, shooting 3D in front of me to say with the old and new models, but I'm glad the picture. If the image without the hassle of 3D active glasses (which I do) want to, I think it's the crowd.