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VIZIO 32 Inch 3D HDTV End of waiting for Cheap and Best 3D HDTV!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Customer 's Review and Rating 

I am extremely stoked on this 3D TV. I waited, like many, to TV with these features to hit the price point of $500-700 so this is great price for me. My last game is almost the same as 2 years ago, minus the 3D capabilities and on-line and I must say this Vizio 3D TV has really improved for image quality. The blacks are darker and 2D performance is just fantastic. I was very happy with my first I had no problem throwing Vizio mixture and after a weekend of use all I can say is "wow". Once outside the park with it and started calling the TV just as it could.

The first thing I did after connecting and configuring the wifi, which was a breeze with the on-screen was turning black ops COD on my Xbox 360 and 3D lighting. Holy cow is impressive, the gun feels like it is in your hand and the game world gains a variety of depths. There is disappointment, Crysis also supports two 3D and while the effect is not so dramatic, there is still very good.

I searched the Internet and came across a game called 3D Xbox LIVE Arcade Infinity, I suggest you grab the free demo at least. This is a simple 3-D shooter, but made me think things were going to flash a slap in the face more than one occasion. Then on the PS3. I took the engine just for this storm apocalypse TV and I'm glad and did great game, great 3D as well.

I had a 3D blue ray IMAX Wild Ocean, and again I was very pleased with the 3D performance. Glasses (providing 2 for this) are stylish and comfortable and are not looking at all flashy or embarrassing. All my connections are HDMI for digital audio is delivered from source in this way, once again, super simple optical digital output for TV plugs directly into my Yamaha 5.1 receiver and I changed the parameters of Dolby Digital and sound is superb wow!

I'm not interested in the online functionality of this 3D TV, I was more about 3D feature, but after playing with it and I adore this new dimension will be used all the time. Weather, Yahoo and flutter are all great, but the icing on the cake is the widget you are a subscriber and a big fan of the Rhapsody service and the ability to digitally deliver my library and playlists and radio stations to nearly bring my receiver to my tears eyes. I do not know if the music is in surround sound 5.1 or less, but the way the music wraps around and full fills the room is one of the best application that I've ever heard. About 30 days trial of Rhapsody is available on the widget, and only a fool would not try for free.

So there you have it, the TV, glasses, remote control and yes, all the supplied screwdriver. Kudos Vizio to move to the next level of enjoyment to the media for five miserable c-note and thank you for the screwdriver sweet you should really print the logo on the Vizio TV to remind me of my great every time I open my box tool. Come to think of where my sharpie?