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Samsung UN46D7000 it is the best 3D TV set for now!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Samsung UN46D7000 46-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver)Speaking of television, and basic features such as image quality, the PIP, the number of entries, the quality of 3D images, etc.: I took in April 2011 from BestBuy, and I went to the store a couple of times to see if something better. Nothing. Now it is June 2011 and I think Samsung has done a great job of making quality television, which can not be beaten on this very crowded market for a while . For example, when there was a problem of "soap opera" effect. This TV can be set to completely remove or introduce this - there is no problem. The same goes for many other things.

Speaking of television and internet capable smart: it works. But do not expect more. If you use applications that are in a distribution list by default, it will be ok, you might as well do it. But if you want to use a browser and go where you want, you can easily get into trouble.

First the keyboard. It nice, it has lights, works well with English, but there is no support for foreign characters at all. If you happen to need to put something other than English - you are screwed. With Free Vitrual keyboard for intelligent television Softcorporations (which you can find on the Internet using Google) I solved this problem. Can I enter the foreign text to search for video and film and I can also insert the text into English much easier because the keyboard has a predictive text input, and also works with a standard remote control. That's nice, but service can be used from any Smart TV, like Sony, LG, Toshiba, etc. there is no advantage to buying this TV special, rather than expensive. And why should I pay for this keyboard beauty, if I'm not using?

The second is the speed of page rendering in the browser of Samsung. And slooooooowww! I think one day to update the software of the Samsung TV and all problems will be corrected, but until now, my dream does not happen :-(. The third is that not all content can be played in your browser Samsung TV, which does not support all video formats. Etc, etc, etc. .. small team, but disappointing.

Overall, I give 4 points. It is 5+ for image quality and 3 for the quality of Smart TV. But, as it is still a TV, I must admit, is the best TV series, I know, at least for now.