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LG Infinia 60PZ750 60-Inch Active 3D THX Certified Plasma HDTV Reviews

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

LG Infinia 60PZ750 60-Inch 1080p Active 3D THX Certified Plasma HDTV with Smart TV
LG Infinia 60PZ750 60-Inch 1080p Active 3D THX Certified Plasma HDTV with Smart TV
Brand : LG Model : 60PZ750

Overall Rating 5/5:

  • Bring your content alive with full 1080p HD 3D technology
  • THX 3D Display certified ensuring you're bringing an uncompromised 3D HD experience home
  • Smart TV allows you to access limitless content, thousands of movies, customizable apps, videos and the best of the web all organized in a simple to use interface
  • Incredibly high contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 delivers incredibly vibrant colors and deeper and darker blacks
  • The 600Hz Sub Field Driving virtually eliminates motion blur

LG Infinia 60PZ750 Reviews 

TV PZ750 LG 3D 1080P Plasma
Compared to the size, price and features. This TV has reached perfection, but the default settings, we found it difficult and confusing. The default is the energy with smart sensor that darkens less energy, but the screen and uses the lack of meaningful images. Since we do not buy any professional installation, we need to understand by us. It is not difficult, just so confused, because the quality of this new TV is so bad at first. After a few days to set up the game, we realized that we change the type of energy. When we changed the back to normal default, the image is back to default. The display quality is good, more or less like our old Samsung plasma HDTV. The sound is flat, we will find a solid bar. Some people say it's because the TV is thinner than the clay.

The smart TV is a kind of nothing for us. LG should have built up over but we can buy one. In the past, we had to connect an HDMI cable to your PC to your plasma TV from Samsung. We believe that to do it that way. It is much easier to connect or surf with a PC. Magic Motion The remote is ok but not great. We wish LG could be a remote keypad. We come from the standard view, it is better than any other. So if you think you can get a better idea of ​​purchasing this model, think twice. We suggest that people do not get the PZ550 model. You will not get much benefit from the PZ750 and PZ950 high-end models.

3D is great. But some programs from Direct TV is horrible. Take the same game over and over. We have written to complain about an e-mail. They responded politely, saying that it will be brought to the attention of management. We have two free glasses with the TV. The glasses can be brought to sit on top of our glasses. We want to even better, because our glasses have a bar on both lenses. If the 3D glasses sitting on my glasses, can not the whole show. It is not all bad, but not yet perfect.

If you wear 3D glasses, will not have this problem. 3D glasses, sometimes without reason. Our hypothesis is to use the timing issue with anyone. It can be good or bad. Not much for us. We do not have a 3D experience of other brands , so can not comment too much. In general we are satisfied with LG 3D glasses.

Glare of the TV is a problem, if you have lots of light from outside. Unfortunately, it is our case. So that the light was not so bad. Since this is great, we had so many problems with our old plasma TV. People have swung against the wall. We tried again, because our television is good to sit in a corner. We do not watch much TV during the day, so we hopefully can live with it.

We verified that the specific energy consumption is 570 watts. We noticed that a lot of heat from the back. The label on the TV shows that the cost of electricity is less than $40 a year. We do not know to be true, why not use the display mode to save energy and seemed more than 5 hours. This TV does not get 5 stars from us, but is still excellent and we intend to keep it.

This TV is excellent in 2D or 3D. We are happy to buy this TV instead of Samsung and Panasonic are both so that they are too expensive.