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Aiptek 3D-HD High Definition 3D Camcorder Reviews

Friday, August 19, 2011

Aiptek 3D-HD High Definition 3D Camcorder (Black/White)
Aiptek 3D-HD High Definition 3D Camcorder (Black/White)
Brand : Aiptek Model : DDD11X

Overall Rating :

  • Capture 2D and 3D Videos and Stills
  • Dual HD CMOS Sensors
  • Built-In 3D LCD Playback Screen
  • USB and HDMI
  • 32GB Expandable SD Card Slot


Aiptek HD 3D camcorder, the new 3D is the most powerful on the market today. Using powerful dual sensor captures HD images and 3D video that can be converted with the included software to work with major brand of 3D television. 3D-HD is equipped with a 3D LCD display for instant replay, you can connect to your PC via USB or to your HDTV via HDMI. This can also shoot video and take pictures in standard 2D and 3D. Open a new dimension of 3D-HD video with Aiptek 3D Camcorder.  [...]

Aiptek DDD11X Reviews

Being a big fan of 3D, I was very excited when the product was announced and the price was so low, I pre-ordered now without seeing other opinion. I was not entirely sure if I bought a new gadget or device really useful. To save me from being disappointed, I expected the first and hope for the second. It turns out that the camera is much better than a new gadget, but do not throw the digital camera point-and-shoot. You will still have those where you want a perfect, printable, and many videos of time.

The first question I had was: "Really Work?" I am happy to say that the answer is so great! The display resolution parallax barrier is quite small, but the 3D effect is really great and the display is very well designed. I think the Aiptek 3D photo frame is high resolution, it will be much better. It takes a true 3D video in 720p (1280 x 720). When you play on my Panasonic VT-25 3D HDTV, 3D quality is excellent. The depth of the image you get is comparable to Blu-ray 3D as "Meatballs Cloudy With a Chance" and ... Well.

For the image quality - The videos look great when things do not move too fast. The pictures of my newborn nephew are fantastic. The video I took while riding the wooden roller coasters are very nervous. The frame rate seems to update more than 10 frames per second for video on the mountains. I suspect that the JPEG encoder can not keep pace with this change much more than other. The built-in 2.4 inch TFT 3D LCD display has a very limited left/right viewing angle to see the 3D effect. The visualization of 3D glasses-less is a nice touch, but probably would have been equally happy with 2D view.

Summary: When you want a 3D picture or short video in 3D, Aiptec 3D camera is a great, affordable and convenient.