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3D HDTVs For 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

See 3D TV at CES 2011 differed from the manufacturer. Here are some tips used, others have shown deficiencies in 3D as they were. But television producers in 3D are shining examples of this technology and should not be bought? We give our decision Editors' the best 3D TV for CES 2011 below.

First I give much credit to producers who bring into play and take risks to show their latest 3D technology to the general public and the press in general. Here's what you focus to show:

Samsung 3D TV for 2011
Samsung did not have much in terms of 3D visualization television. They did a great job of highlighting the active shutter glasses are very new light now produce. The glasses are available in different colors with a thin arm in contrast with the thick glasses heavier than the past. They also have the prescription 3D glasses for those who are interested.

The 3D view was created in an area with only D8000 75D9500 TV series and LED. Glasses are not stationary states if at least we know that is exactly what the TV will look like in 3D. I was not too impressed. Some of the underwater scenes in the show was good depth, but when a light is visible just below the water and glass all over the landscape was so distracted I could barely keep looking. There was a conversion from 2D to 3D demo to show that the characteristic and, as with all content producers 2D to 3D, it was exciting.

Panasonic 3D TV for 2011
Panasonic has also had an impressive series of 3D content for display, and generally seemed much better than most competitors. The categories were used to show buildings with active glasses for sports, play and have fun and we all saw. The review of the CT-class sports P46GT25 3D plasma TV series. Professional women's volleyball seemed particularly colorful, with excellent depth. The image was very good and without the side effects of flickering really want a 3D TV. I was very impressed with the 3D image. The only problem was very fast moving images in the foreground, which distorts the image, a problem I found with almost all 3D TVs.

Then we watched TV ST30 Plasma 3D games and the verdict was the same, or very few good sharpness, and flicker. Then we examined the animated series that had some knitting content, and Blue Man Group, among others. This was visible in the television series DT30 new LEDs. I immediately noticed the difference - more flicker, but definitely more vibration and shots - the collapse of LED TV. The colors were very good and still pictures were beautiful. Plasma is right in many ways a better channel for TV programming in 3D, due to 1) training in the field below 600Hz - faster processing through the cells of pixels on the basis of phosphorus, and 2) processing requirements may be more natural cells containing individual pixels in 3D and each has its own light in plasma technology. LCD TV with LED backlight crystals twist to allow the flow of light and color seems to cause the side effects of vibrations and with the 3D.

As for the display of Sony, Panasonic, the screen has also had his glasses fixed, so it can not be absolutely sure how the glasses, when in fact occur on the face, the wings of unwanted light flicker.

LG 3D TV for 2011
LG had several models on the TV screen 3D ready, but Samsung, only the top performer 3D model has been available for 3D visualization. A bit of the COP is not it? The first prize winning end of the line HD 480 local grade areas LW9700 series had a 3D display. This TV uses nano technology to achieve such feats with HD 1080p 3D display for each eye. This is a beautiful and attractive. There were still some bones "at the bottom right and left confused and flickering lights that appear on a dark background with 3D vision. All offers LG Plasma 3D active shutter 3D glasses.

LG also showed the largest 3D TV LED indicates a screen model 84. TV is a prototype and is not planned for this year. I would describe the 3D view of the TV as very poor with all defects characteristic of the 3D TV LED as negative , even if others do not think the color and clarity was very good with the flicker and blur ..

LG showed a 31" OLED TV that had a picture with extraordinary natural beauty and sharp images. As for Sony, this vision has been the best in the 3D problem if you do wear glasses. The OLED has also been demonstrated in a 15" OLED TV is currently available in 3D (not to mention the price of LG). Razor thin OLED TV is only 2.9 mm in depth, but you can discount the fact that, because the tuners and video cards are in place, together with the OLED screen TV can not be removed.

Sony 3D TV for 2011
Sony has expanded the display of a 3D glasses permanently active. They had examples of games, sports, film and media stations in 3D. The TV used for 3D events was the XBR-HX929. Although fascinated by the contents, I was disappointed by the speed of the game in 3D visualization of the sport because of the fact that he was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model shoot. The action was slow and I could not test the fast-moving, but it was probably the best 3D content on display other than Sony. There were a few moves and well-defined models swimsuit clothes. But the images are much easier to visualize in 3D.

When viewing 3D movies section I have noticed some blur in the lower left and right, sometimes, and I was very impressed with the programming of 3D cinema in general. The section on 3D game content looks very good, even if it were a short distance from a program. Sony had the 3D display that moment, however, the 24 "OLED TV, which does not need glasses and looked spectacular with excellent detail, black levels and color. Unfortunately, television is a prototype and should not be sent.

Toshiba 3D TV for 2011
Surprisingly, a producer who has taken the more likely it was Toshiba. Although no evidence any of its assets and liabilities 3D TV (2011 or special offers to come), which has shown its 3D TV without glasses in a variety of sizes, 24", 32", 55", 65". The display was irregular, and the performance of some irregular. Free 3D glasses, TV stands have been set up to try and eliminate angle side view (but not entirely successful in this area.) Free Glasses The obvious advantage of technology is the absence of passive or active glasses that the public wants clarity. The quality of the display would be put into a 5 of 10 in terms of quality. But give some credit to the company to try.

It a little intimidating not to be able to evaluate future models SL515 and SL610 active and passive range of 3D TV 3D series. The conversion from 2D to 3D demo showed a very small deviation from the contents of 2D 3D content, so there was little depth and no more than 3-D effect to the image. Without doubt, this content has been created in this way to keep the glitches.

Sharp 3D TV for 2011
Sharp often presented as many TV models in the fall, as demonstrated by CES in January, then had only two new series of 3D TV. The first number in the upper end of LE935 with the full range, complete with local dimming backlight real and the second 70" complete and unique local dimming 70LE735 series. Despicable Me Animated 3D Blu-ray test drive and played like we were very impressed with the image. There was no flicker. It was one of the best 3D TV we've seen in a non-3D plasma TV. The colors are vibrant and I have not noticed any blur in the lower edges of the left or right image.

The test was a real active glasses with face (not a fixed support). The barrier 3D TV Sharp could not win the distraction has been overwhelming in a flash of bright light on a dark background. Sharp also has a conversion from 2D to 3D live set with a model dressed in yellow throw a ball or open and close an umbrella. The conversion from 2D to 3D screen LE935 was the best I've seen the show. The picture was not great, but they were all there to enhance the contrast and produce a better image.

Vizio 3D TV for 2011
Vizio TV-based 3D visualization of 3D TV XVT3D650SV currently offered. The display also focuses on passive vs. active 3D glasses. Vizio is content to write 540 lines of resolution per eye for 3D visualization for less liabilities polarized 3D glasses. The image was pretty good considering the special and it's nice to think about those seven cups of dollars when you have 5 people to watch a movie in 3D. Passive 3D TV will be the focus of the company is proceeding according to officials we spoke with Vice. The XVT3D650SV has four pairs of 3D glasses passive component of the package.