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Sony announces 2011 HDTV Lineup

Friday, July 15, 2011


Sony has announced details of their 2011 range of HDTVs, including 27 new models, including the updated models of their 3D Bravia range. The monolithic design approach that was used on many of their 2010 models will now be used throughout their range, and some models also utilize Corning's Gorilla glass resistant. Promoted under the title of "Television redefined", the society is the promotion of Internet content as the wave of the future.

The HX929 is the new flagship 3D series that will be available in 55-inch (XBR-55HX929) and 46-inches (XBR-46HX929) dimensions. This display offers a Full HD panel with LED backlight board and intelligent MotionFlow XR960 moving the computer. The taillight is an LED array that allows the display to local dimming, where there is no backlight in dark areas of the screen. It will be available in March, but no price is currently unavailable.

The HX820 also provides edge-lit LED lights behind with Motionflow 400 treatment of movement and a slim design. It will be available in 55-inch (KDL-55HX820), and the size of 46 inches (KDL-46HX820).

The HX720 has a slim profile, and also offers treatment Motionflow 400 bicycles, and also offer Internet streaming. It will be available in 60-inch (KDL-60NX720) 55 inches (KDL-55NX720), and 46 inch sizes (KDL-46NX720).

The NX720 offers the monolithic design that has been seen on many of their high-end models in 2010, and a wireless Internet connection and Skype video calls. Series EX720 is at the center of the range and offers a Skype video and 3D video. It will be available in 60-inch (KDL-60EX720, available in April), 55-inch (KDL-55EX720) 46 inches (KDL-46EX720) 40 inches (KDL-40EX720), and 32 - inch (KDL - 32EX720) dimensions.

The EX620 is another series LED lighting device also supports Skype video calls. It will be available in 55-inch (KDL-55EX620) 46 inches (KDL-46EX620), and 40-inch (KDL-40EX620) dimensions.

The EX320 is designed to be a TV in the room as a second bedroom or kitchen. It also includes Wi-Fi and Skype video calls. It will be available in 32-inch (KDL-32BX320) and 22-inch (KDL-22BX320) dimensions.

The new ads also two cameras 3D (a 3D and high-end camera Bloggie: the HDR-TD10) and a 3D laptop, and a prototype 3D head-mounted display. They also presented a prototype 24-inch OLED HDTV screens and a range of 2K and 4K, but gave no details on when these products become available.