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Samsung UN40C7000 40-Inch 3D LED HDTV - Just what I expected

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Samsung UN40C7000 40-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Black)I bought this TV about 1 month ago. This model requires a "dongle" for Wi-Fi operation. Fortunately, the "dongle" was a free add-on. I understand that the new Samsung models that will go to a wi-fi, it seems better to hang a "dongle", and it makes more sense.

I'm not crazy when the plug cables into the TV, because instead of my being able to respond invisible, must be folded upon themselves to provide as invisible as possible. Considering the six typical length of an HDMI cable, the length required to complete this journey is not always practical, without having to buy longer cables. I can understand the difficulty of planning in this field, because if the unit is connected to a wall it would be difficult to reach the connectors that would deny most central place in this way.

When you turn on (with remote control just because there is no switch on the TV), it takes about 10 seconds before any clear indication that it was the turn ... except, on closer inspection, the red light stays on when the TV is off when you turn on and off 10 seconds after a music sequence is played, followed by the power of television.

I would also like the stand allowed the TV to be adjusted for tilt, but only a limited amount of side to side adjustment. Built in tilt seems to hold the TV back up about 5 degrees warmer than the bottom. Because in my TV setup is in place, I would be able to tip of about 5 degrees in the opposite direction (pointing slightly down).

The remote looks cool, feels solid and has raised a number of indicators, but the points raised are not sufficient to distinguish one button from another by touch alone. Perhaps this will change with time. The inherent ability of Yahoo Widgets is interesting and I like that is changing and the TV will be able to take advantage of this. I was very surprised to learn that I can watch TV and see that twit Leo LePorte CES coverage at no additional cost! Streaming video often stops to allow a wireless connection to catch up. Ideally, this TV must be connected to the Internet's son, despite my having mentioned the "dongle". However, the image is large, the sound is very good and I like this TV!

  Overall Customer Rating 4.5/5