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Samsung SSG-3100GB 3D Active Glasses - Nice and Comfortable!

Friday, July 1, 2011
These glasses are the best! These are for 2011 Samsung TV. They are very comfortable and will also be the right fit over your glasses. My 4 year old daughter wears them, even without a complaint. So you can add them all. They are lightweight and battery life is great. Usually I get about 70 hours of a couple. Can I buy a package of 10 replaceable batteries for a couple of dollars and they last me a year or more.

These glasses work great for me. I use them with PN59D6500 Samsung 3D Plasma and the picture quality is breathtaking. I had two pairs of these with the basic package of Shrek/Harry Potter has bought another pair for $150 from BB and have only two more pairs for just under $50 each on Amazon. I liked for $150, but loooove for less than $50.

I prefer non-rechargeable, such as a family is a pain in the ass in turn 4 or 5 pairs on prices, to understand what needs to reload, etc. Very easier to keep some batteries around. In addition, the Bluethooth use, and as such have considerable autonomy. I used two pairs of glasses for more than 48 hours of 3D vision and the batteries are still strong.

Its nice to have updated Bluetooth. Now you can go anywhere in a range of time and will continue to operate. They work right out of the box. All you have to do is charge a battery. They are compatible with the current Samsung TV. While each manufacturer makes their glasses and are generally not compatible with each other. I believe that the active glasses are much better than "3D" passive technology. But this seems a choice between producers. Sure passive glasses are cheaper, but personally I do not think the 3D effect is impressive. However, the only experience I had with passive glasses to watch TV at my local Best Buy to take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I am very pleased with these glasses and they look wonderful movie in 3D! Samsung has dropped the price of about $50 now so they are very convenient. I have three pairs of glasses and is rechargeable, and two of them are much more comfortable on my head. They are lighter and more balanced. I'm also a little less than the rechargeable batteries (plus the battery does not bend upward). A couple that I received from Amazon was defective from the box, but Amazon was quick to do well. Feel free to take these glasses! They are great!

Overall Customer Rating is 4.5/5

Samsung 3D Glasses Unbox

Some Samsung SSG-3100GB Features

  • Fits over your glasses
  • Battery-operated
  • Bluetooth