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Samsung SSG-2100AB Battery 3D Glasses Review

Friday, July 29, 2011

Samsung SSG-2100AB Battery 3D Glasses, Black
Samsung SSG-2100AB Battery 3D Glasses, Black
Brand : Samsung Model : SSG-2100AB

Overall Rating 3.5/5:

  • 3D Shutter glasses enable viewer's 3D experience
  • Compatible with: 2010 LCD C750 series, 2010 LED C7000, C8000 and C9000 series, 2010 PDP C7000 and C8000 series, 2010 Blu-ray disc player (BD-C6900) / Home Theater (HT-C6930W)
  • Battery type
  • TV has a built in 3D Emitter

Description from manufactory

Samsung new active 3D glasses are the gateway to Samsung 3D entertainment. Impressive for the way they work and what you can discover the technology works as follows: when you put on and watch the screen, the first technology to block the lens left and right. It happens faster than the blink of an eye - so that the eye is not known. But when the images are displayed to each eye separately this "staggered" gotten a lot more realistic 3D images.

Battery charged 3-D glasses, no cable connection needed. Comfortable eyewear design with optimized size, design and light weight.  [...]


I recently had with a Samsung TV as a 3D shoot-I bought some furniture. In all, I had the TV (50 inch Samsung Plasma 3D 720) a Sony Blu-Ray 3D glasses, 3D IMAX movie and a monster cable thrown in free for the purchase of approximately 3K value of the furniture. This TV and glasses are closed, the case for me. They demo it to the store and hit the image and effects. I was out to get a turtle that was in the store that seems to come from the screen. We got the house and tried the glasses and everything was fine. Always return to their bag after use and I plan to keep spare batteries.

These are battery-operated glasses, not the more expensive rechargeable ones, and they are compatible primarily with Samsung technology, although I understand that some brands may also support these. The real question facing Samsung owners is whether to buy the battery-operated or the rechargeable sets. Obviously, I chose the battery-operated kind because the batteries (CR 2025) are relatively cheap and because I don't expect to use the 3D feature more than once a week. Still, I have to have extra batteries on hand in case a pair conks out in the middle of viewing.

The glasses are fairly comfortable, although the shutter effect can be annoying at the corners, especially in a lit room. The directions say that fluorescent bulbs can cause visual stuttering, but I found that even sunlight creates a peripheral flicker. The 3D effect is stunning; the larger screen TV you have, the better, since everything gets funneled in and out of the frame. For this reason, even with a 55" TV, you won't get the same all-encompassing 3D effect that you would in the theater. But still, true 3D Blu-Ray can be breathtaking. Yes, you'll look just as dorky, but so will everyone else in the room. The glasses fit over regular eyeglasses, although I find that if I do this, my eye strain is slightly increased.

To operate, simply start up your Blu-ray player or switch your TV to 3D, and the set will ask you to push the button in near the hinge. Make sure that nothing obstructs the IR sensor, or the glasses won't be picked up. They shut off automatically when the TV isn't displaying 3D or when out of range for several seconds. They don't turn on unless the TV recognizes them.

These shutter-style glasses work. Your eyes may feel slightly off-kilter when you stop watching; however, mine recover in a few minutes. Given the price and of these, I recommend keeping them out of reach of the kids when not in use. (Samsung also makes a kid version which is smaller, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they are tougher.) The price is the biggest drawback, especially since most people will want at least four pairs on hand.