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LG 55LX6500 55-Inch 3D LED Plus LCD TV Reviews

Monday, July 18, 2011

LG 55LX6500 55-Inch 3D 1080p 240  Hz LED Plus LCD HDTV, Espresso
The LG 55LX6500 has many interesting features, including 3D visualization. It is the first attempt, a 3D TV from LG (with the series LX6500), and tell us sorry that a bad result. Of course it's a very good 2D artist, but who wants to pay the tax early adopter if the 3D effect is a mess headache inducing? The LG 55LX6500 is a beautiful TV, if not a bit ordinary. The frame is made of highly reflective black plastic.

Enjoy the home entertainment with the new 55 inch LG LCD HDTV 55LX6500 LED that 3D technology and much more. This LCD TV with LED backlight energy saving lamps over a full HD 1080p resolution for crystal clear detail and TruMotion 240Hz virtually no motion blur. LG LED Plus technology improves picture quality and energy efficiency with the addition of a simple function of local dimming to 16 addressable segments. [...]

Technical Details
  • 3D TV. LED Plus
  • NetCast Entertainment Access (Wi-Fi Ready)
  • Wireless 1080p Ready
  • TruMotion 240Hz
Review Summary

Tired of dull colors or dark scenes? In addition, the LG LED technology offers even more control of brightness with local dimming to energy efficiency of clarity and color depth, and a television, conventional television sets.

Front : The front of the LG 55LX6500 is mostly screen, with a set of touch controls at the bottom. While convenient, they are certainly fingerprint magnet.

Front Tour Image

Back : The back of the LG 55LX6500 is home to all the ports.

Back Tour Image

Sides : The 55LX6500 LG is much thinner, making it attractive to a TV, as a whole. From left to right you will see some of the ports. They have been together far enough back from the brink of leaving son was back there, so they are not considered visible to the viewer, depending on the thickness of the wire.

Sides Tour Image
Stand: The base is wide and sturdy and feels very heavy - a good thing, given the weight and size of the TV.

Stand Photo

Control : Controls that run along the bottom so harmless in the context that can not be mixed in a position to see them. Good thing, because take fingerprints like you've never seen.

Controls Photo

Remote Control : The remote is long and slender, usually comfortable and easy to use. Most of the buttons are large and soft, but we prefer the easiest, fastest in the key of the center, those who control the menu.
Remote Control Photo

Connetions :
  • HDMI (version 1.3, HDCP): 3 rear, 1 side
  • Component: 2 rear, 1 side
  • Composite A/V: 1 rear, 1 side
  • RF: 1 rear
  • PC input (15-pin, D-Sub): 1 rear
  • PC audio input: 1 rear
  • Digital audio output: 1 optical, rear
  • USB: 2 side
  • Ethernet LAN: 1 rear
  • Headphone out: 1 side
  • RS-232c input: 1 rear

Internet Features : LG 55LX6500 is not as fully in its options for streaming content such as Sony, but it provides a good thing. More importantly, local governments have the latest Netflix and YouTube. For most of the content better (or worse, depending on your point of view on YouTube). Moreover, Vudu will get pay-per-view and Picasa photo sharing. Yahoo offers a small range of widgets for weather, news, and so on, but we found the gap interface and embarrassing and work so much faster and more elegant phone or computer.

Internet Features 1 Photo

3D Features : We believe that LG really dropped the ball with the 3D effect is 55LX6500. No generation of 3D high-definition television is very good, but the LG is bad to the point of needing an updated firmware. For starters, there is no way to calibrate the TV when its in 3D. In fact, you can not really do anything without the 3D mode first. This is particularly troublesome because you do not have access to a calibration mode, the writing of the movement seems to be broader. We noticed some problems with synchronization between the left and right channels in 3D and could be caused by treatment of the movement.

Between crosstalk and other issues, the 3D effect is permanent and inconsistent, and some scenes, even painful to the eyes. In addition, we found the TV seems to flash green dot crawl or acquire an effect if the 3D mode is enabled. In the worst case, the strobe image to image, static and flat green.We the problem less if the TV is connected to an LG Blu-ray, but it appeared from time to time. If you buy this TV, definitely get the LG Blu-ray to reduce this problem.

3D Glasses : We had no real problem with the 3D glasses from LG. They felt a little expensive, yes, but they were mild and not unpleasant, as some glasses from other manufacturers. No complaints here.


  Overall Rating 4.0/5

Customer Reviews

>> I love it! , December 6, 2010
By V. Sahai

You start the little things that your favorite did not know it was remarkable! The first time I watched Everybody Loves Raymond (HD) on this TV, I was speechless! I noticed the bright colors of clothes, I noticed the pattern of the wallpaper and tile in the house of Ray. You need a big screen TV with LED, for this experiment. I'm glad I did not wait any longer for the update. The display is very strong, as expected, and features / functionality that I was impressed. The 3D work fine too. I made the right decision after all!

Before deciding on LG 55LX6500, I compared a dozen models to Samsung, Sharp, Sony and LG, even atleast. I wanted a label has not believing Vizio 55LX6500 etc. gave me the best bang for the buck, and I was happy with the reviews here on Amazon and CNET. So I decided to take the plunge. Since there are only 6 comments on this site, I decided to post these comments because I know how valuable they were for me atleast.

Link - The installation was pretty standard. I saw that someone said they are not a guide book somewhere. I got the book and CD. Not that you need. I easily put TV on a mountain, and hung my Comcast hi-def box and Sony home theater system via HDMI. Comcast box cost me $8 a month more, but it gives me access to their HD channels and content HD/3D on request. A surprising amount.

Standard VS HD Content - I have seen some reviews on how many people are trying to watch Standard def content and expecting extraordinary results. So let me contribute my 2 cents here. I used to have 27" CRT TV before this. The standard def looks good there. When viewing the same in 55lx6500, the picture seems little fuzzy. Don't get me wrong - I would anyday take this fuzzy picture over the 27" display. But the thing is we have to use words like fuzzy or blurred, but overall the picture still looks nice. But don't expect your TV to magically produce sharp display if it doesn't get the data to display it. You need hi-def content to see hi-def quality. IMHO the best test for a TV is to watch blu-ray movie on it. It cuts out the cable/dish issues and lets you see what the TV is capable of doing. For me personally, I have HD channels and I love them. The little blur/fuzz here and there is not TV's fault. I have watched a 2 hour blu-ray movie on my TV, and I had the best experience. (No need to mention that you need HDMI cables to carry the hi-def data)

USB Port - Very useful. It lets me play songs/movies/photos from my flash drive. It should pickup all portable flash drives (I used WD portable 160GB) - I haven't tried powered USB drives.

I like the 3D on TV. I have Comcast and have a small collection of 3D documentaries, music and games. I just loved these programs. The experience is similar to what I was in Best Buy stores. I found that dimming the lights in my living room enhances the experience - makes it even more exciting because there are no distractions. I have a Sony bluray 3d home theater system, but not play the bluray movie in 3D. I think it's even better some of the contents of Comcast is a little fuzzy. Comcast should have on-demand content delivered in a small delay at times. I'll update this review after I try bluray 3D. I play a bluray movie (Expendables) on the TV, and I enjoyed the experience. The audio system in my home theater and the quality of my 55lx6500 was fantastic!