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Sony BRAVIA HX800 series

Monday, June 27, 2011

I had a Sony 32-inch CRT that has begun to have problems, so I decided to switch to a LCD TV 37" to 42" screen size. After reading several reviews on the LCD and LED LCD TV, I decided to choose a card with LED local dimming dynamic. TV with local dimming LEDs are the best complete set available on the market, but more expensive to meet my budget. Sony HX800 this series had great reviews all over the world, including Amazon and compared to other models on the market with similar features (Dynamic Edge LED, 3D panel, 240Hz refresh) Sony gives more value for money and a good reputation for quality product.

I bought this from Amazon and I reached the second day, Amazon has great customer service. 5 stars for this. Open the box, true deep black panel and bezel, I was impressed by his appearance. And thin, but not as thin as the Samsung models. The setup took me about 1.5 hours, stand construction, through the initial setup. You may need a second person to hold the TV to select the location. Like all the other auditors mentioned in their reviews, I was so happy to have made the right choice when lit. The image is sharp and perfect, blacks are blacks, and I think the local dimming LED real dynamic, and the panel black with white does not work. The menu and remote is easy to use. I connected an Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet, YouTube, Netflix, etc. works perfectly, as indicated. You may have to make a small configuration to allow Netflix, the booklet provided all the information to do so.

I only used up to now in 2D and is very satisfied with the quality of the image. I do not know if I go to 3D, which causes nausea and dizziness. It was not very concerned about the review did not need 3D transmitter is to build or buy 3D glasses that cost extra. I read that the 3D panel is superior to 2D panels only to provide high quality images in 2D. The audio is average, is the same for almost all models with flat screen, you have to buy at the bar or a 5.1 audio to make the sound better.

I wonder why this model has been discontinued by Sony KDL40HX800, 46 and 55 inch models are still there. I firmly believe that, as in 2010 HX 40" top model and they are not able to promote their new EX 2011 series 40" models that do not have the option Dynamic LED. I highly recommend this model, the catch before it is exhausted.