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Samsung's better range product - Samsung UN46C7000

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I was told that this TV has been out for about a year back in Korea. 3D channels are available for sports fans in Korea and their prices are very competitive with those to adjust the image quality. I bought this TV, spending a little more time, hoping that the TV will last a decade. Paid $2000 with free promotional External Hard Drive 250GB Tivo and how to use a USB stick that transfers your home Wi-Fi connection to sites that show some converts Samsung Youtube and all the other features of Internet TV. A webcam will allow me to add the company sells for Skype. But I have two laptops, watch TV in the room. The technology is all that is to explore, at least.

There are a handful of 3D content signal in the U.S. and Korean cable TV channels. I do not buy Blu-ray 3D yet, so no further testing, but only on TV. The content I saw was pretty good, but not like in three dimensions as the 3D IMAX film. But, converts any television signal in 3D, and if you can stand a little of eye disease through first, you can enjoy most of the images in 3D (with numbers far the front and back) the sound is very clear and I never had to turn the volume up to 25% at any time. And, no muffled bass sound.

I'm surprised that they are not in stock in the United States by the end of November. But it was a popular feature in Korea that people understand 3ds satellites each time their subscription Cable, Comcast and some of United States. And the price has bottomed. Other LCD/LED TV without 3D is $500 cheaper. All are equipped with wide viewing angle, brightness of color sold to the right, and sound. 240HZ/480Hz are much better choices.

3D glasses with rechargeable batteries, after you've clicked on a couple of times on the remote conrol, and accent red wine, and the green power LED lamp, you hear a sound in 3D, then the show begins in the true sense of the word. It's not like those disposable plastic, we used 3D avatar. I am a bit big but very comfortable when worn. Two sets are equipped with TV and I was told is about $120 for each additional, but I think the price should go down to the most 2 people can benefit from programs 3D at once, especially when the screen size is 46 and 55.

The only thing I like about this TV is the current position in chromed metal. Just watch as a fellow cheaply made aluminum craft forged chandelier. In Korea, the exhibition will present a version with an additional $150-$200, the angle of rotation for the entire TV. The same features are available in 4 different versions on the wall. I am sure that all options will be available in the U.S..

General rating for me, is almost 5. significantly greater than 4.5. And I hope it becomes the norm for all Samsung products from now on.

By HSLee "ch0c0p1e" (Asia-USA-UK)