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Perhaps the perfect 3D TV!

Monday, June 6, 2011

I made a mistake and bought a Samsung 50-inch 3D plasma HDTV and returned within a week because of the horrible image retention. After learning a lesson about the importance of finding a great acquisition for this I went to work trying to find the best HDTV in my price range ($1,800 maximum). With most individual judgments and buttocks, I read the comments I kept looking at Panasonic plasmas 3D HDTV on top of the list. These plasma HDTV are not only voted for the best in 3D TVs, but also for 2D too. So I went ahead and pull the trigger on this series and I'm very glad I did. There are four main things I want to be able to make television, watching sports, video games, watch regular programs, and also to watch movies. And this series played incredibly well in all areas.

I watch a lot of detail and the user comments so far and two of these sports startling aspect of this HDTV. Everything works perfectly and there is no problem with motion blur. It's great for the sport. I own an Xbox 360 and love FPS (Call of Duty, Halo, etc.) and so far I have played COD. Black good on this plasma TV, but it is very fun to play on this set. The game looks more smooth and the colors really pop. Once I get used to the size of the TV (I played on a 37 inch) I fell in love with the game again.

With regard to watch regular TV is well, I can say I have an HDTV, but unfortunately I do not. The standard definition is very similar to the TV. My Direct TV receiver is not working properly at the moment and I see that some programs, but so far so good with SD.

Watching movies is set up this TV blows the others out of the water. So far I have seen two regular Blu-ray (The Expendables and Rambo) and a Blu-ray 3D (By Train Your Dragon), and all I can say is WOW. I saw both The Expendables and Rambo in the theater and honestly believe that the picture is better in this game than it is to the movies. The colors and the amount of detail is incredible. I watched Rambo on Samsung and when I look at the time was not as good as this Panasonic plasma. As far as 3D goes, I do not say is as good as IMAX, but it's as good as real 3D in a theater. I saw the movie in 3D Dragon good and I really enjoyed most about this 3D TV. Side note about 3D, I do not know if I wants to take off and if it is not good. I bought this TV because it had the best reviews for 2D so that the 3D was a bonus. But it is a fun bonus.

I also watch TV on a Samsung LED and I can say that Panasonic has a better viewing experience. Now that I have this TV all that is needed is a better sound system and some seats in my theater room  and I will be in September for the money you will not find a decoder. Why spend more for an LED when the plasma TV is better and cheaper? If you're talking a large TV to get in this price range then I'd go for this series. I'm glad I did!