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Panasonic VIERA TC-P42GT25 Great 3D TV

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I bought this TV because my wallspace was limited to 42-Inch.I wanted a best quality HDTV with 3D capabilities, and the opinions stated that plasma was the best performance of 3D LCD screen. It is the only 42-inch HDTV market in 3D, so I had to go with this model.

Buy at Amazon was easy. I had two glass and a Blu-ray and new rechargeable Avatar Panasonic TY-EW3D2MMK2 3D Ultimate Starter Kit (Image 3D Glasses + 2 Pack). The shipping agent contacted me the next day to discuss the delivery. Ultimately my TV arrived a day later than expected, but the agent has informed me of shipping me the first time and was not a big deal to me.

TV is great. Set the picture in THX mode offers excellent image quality out of the box with good color and very rich, deep blacks. Serious tech-heads will want to change again, but for the casual user will not be necessary. 3D mode was very easy to use ... I thought it would be complicated to configure, but outside of the load of glasses and turned on, it was more of a problem than watching a standard DVD.

The 3D mode is very convincing. Instead of being artificial and gimmicky, it really draws you into the movie by adding an additional element of realism. Sitting 10 feet away it was very lifelike and uncanny. I noticed few artifacts, although there was some issue with crosstalk in certain scenes but it wasn't seriously distracting. Crosstalk was also not consistent to any one feature (bright objects, objects in the background, etc.), making me think how the 3D effect is implemented is a factor into whether or not there is crosstalk. Hopefully film-makers will figure this out over time to help eliminate crosstalk completely.

Standing as far away from the television as I could, in part, my scales at 20' lenses lose synchronization with the television and 3D mode. It seems that extreme ... although even at that distance is still realistic 3D effect, before losing the synchronization ...

Ordering from Amazon was a good experience. The TV came with a 14 day price guarantee and free shipping. My shipping agent contacted me the day after my order to schedule delivery. The day before the delivery date they contacted me again to say the TV was late and rescheduled to the next day. This was not a big deal for me.

Two weeks after I bought, the price has dropped on the Amazon site. I had to transfer me to a "distress" special units, but once I understood and verified the new price, with a difference for me, no other problem than the guaranteed price of 14 days. I highly recommend this 3D TV for anyone wanting a smaller unit in 3D. This is the only 42" 3D TV, I know, and do well in 2D and 3D.