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Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 3D HDTV Starter Pack

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The experience of television programs, movies, games and other video content with a stereoscopic 3D effect when you combine your Mitsubishi HDTV compatible with the 3D Starter Pack, which includes everything you need to start watching 3D video at home. It comes with a 3D adapter with remote control, two pairs of 3D glasses active correspondence with a transmitter and an HDMI cable.

The Starter Pack comes with a Disney Showcase Blu-ray Disc, which includes trailers 3D A Christmas Carol, Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story 3, with a short training course on 3D Disney characters Timon and Pumba Lion King. [...]
Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 3D HDTV Starter Pack 

Product Features

  • Everything you need to start watching 3D programming on your 3D-ready Mitsubishi HDTV
  • Includes 3D Adapter with remote, two pair of Active 3D eyewear with matching emitter, and an HDMI cable
  • Disney Blu-ray Showcase Disc with variety of 3D trailers and programming to start you off
  • Adapter converts most common types of 3D signals into Mitsubishi compatible 3D signal
  • See description for Mitsubishi 3D-ready HDTV compatibility list

Technical Details

  • Model: 3DC-1000

How is the new 3D TV technology different from older 3D?
Before 2010, there were 3D DVD titles that have come on the market that use anaglyph glasses, glasses that use the red and cyan (or other colors) that are used to join two false color images. The result seen by the viewer is discolored and generally lower resolution than the new method.

The main improvement of technology today is the use of 3D glasses that are active and passive high-contrast and to deliver a higher quality video with higher resolution. Today 3DTV technology that enables images to 3D rendering on the screen as provided by content providers.

A high level for any home theater
I recently received one of these for my family WD-73737 television. It works exactly as advertised. As we opened the box and began to create, we realized that the installation was very painless. There was absolutely no trial and error. We only had to connect some of his son, set the 3D mode "On" on TV, and as a test, start the PS3. When you start immediately recognized the new configuration in 3D, and asked to confirm the size of the screen. We tested the disc of the sample and it worked perfectly. My family was laughing. So, 10 minutes, we had everything in place and functioning: The adapter, lenses, and the PS3.
The 3D effect is very good and immediately satisfying. I found myself once again watching the trailer on the sample disk just because they look so good. However, some films are better depth than others, so some are only slightly in 3D. Also, I found myself wanting to make some changes to the color settings, because the windows blacked out, naturally take a little brightness and contrast. I agree to raise these parameters randomly to a key, because Mitsubishi does not seem to offer nothing less than the calibration, or image you need. I would have liked at least a recognition of this, because I am sure I am not the only one who thinks.

The glasses are very comfortable, and if they are out of the reach of the IR transmitter for two minutes, it closes. This is very useful if he takes off his glasses, put them somewhere in the room, but forget to turn them off. I do not know if this is "standard" modern with 3D glasses, but it's certainly nice to have.

This product works completely as advertised, and I'd say it's a great investment for anyone looking to make their home theater feel a bit more like the real thing. The biggest problem I now face is finding enough 3D content. I acknowledged this before buying it, but now that I own it, it has become more apparent. 3D Blu-Ray releases rarely come out at the same time as their 2D counterparts, and there aren't many out right now. There are some PS3 games that support 3D, but again, there aren't very many. This is a technology that is just starting to bloom, so if you decide to indulge, keep in mind that you'll have to appreciate movies and games as they are (slowly) released. 

DLP is the way forward!
The 82 837 3D is final and meaning for the big screen. And some LED or plasma. Now we all know how that makes 3D TV a little darker, but not a big deal and you can adjust the reading 3D brigntness. Games are fun. I liked baseball, and wise Pain minimal effect. I'm looking forward to firmware for the PS3 Blueray. And maybe with a little luck, now that 3D is popular at this time, Mitsubishi may address the issue down. I' m not holding my breath, but do not listen to negative comments here. It is not so bad. DLP is what I remember watching movies. An excellent product!

I have my 3D package and configure it. The only thing I do not understand is that my Blu-ray had to be unplugged from the TV and connected directly to the board in 3D to enable 3D mode on my Mitsubishi TV. After I realized that the implementation was a breeze. The demo of Disney Blu-ray is fantastic! Crystal, just like good theater, and 3D effects. If you're wondering, like me, I have found that regular DVD movies in 3D (those paper cups red / blue) do not work with 3D technology. I think we have to wait more than 3-D HD Blu-ray. I could not find "Meatballs Cloudy With a Chance" and many other films being released for publication later this year.