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About 3D DLP HDTVs

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Home entertainment has changed to 3D DLP HDTVs

Turn on your fresh 3D DLP HDTV, slide on your active 3D glasses, and view the images jump off the high definition screen also into your home theater. The greatest speed of the DLP chip, combined with 3D technology, makes it all workable.

Actuality games and movies like never before

Think playing a game with characters and objects that appear to surround you. Or immerse yourself in a movie that spills right into your alive room. That’s the magic of 3D ready DLP HDTVs. Even when you ' re not watching 3D topic, you’ll see the high definition quality of your DLP HDTV.

DLP HDTVs are the perfect package full HD and 3D capable at a price you can render.

DLP HDTVs are cool for offering perhaps the best full HD, 1080p image quality. With 3D ready capability, your TV is ready for all the 3D matter that is becoming more familiar every day. When you add the optional 3D add on kit, you can enjoy a nice selection of 3D movies and hundreds of PC games today and you’ll have element you need to enjoy future 3D topic. Plus, DLP HDTVs offer perhaps the prime “price–per–inch” of any HDTV making them the perfect big screen HDTVs at an affordable price.

Images so rightful, it’s like you’re there

DLP technology delivers crystal clear, razor - sharp and dynamic images for the ultimate in image quality. DLP technology is capable of extremely high contrast ratios providing a sweet viewing experience - crisper whites, ultra - rich blacks and images that "pop" on-screen.

Want to see 3D HDTV today?
Setting up your DLP HDTV for 3D viewing is quick and easy.
  • Connect your 3D DLP HDTV to a compatible 3D source
  • Plug the transmitter into the HDTV VESA sync port
  • Place the DLP HDTV into 3D mode
  • Put on your active 3D glasses
  • Enjoy!!!